Eventid 4515

posted: January 31st, 2009

I have fixed my first event 4515 problem duplicate dns zone problem. This came about when adding another Active Directory site to my client’s multi-site network.

When I added the site the connectivity between the new site wasn’t that greatand therefore I did not see the DNS records immediately and I panicked! Thereafter I re-installed the DNS service and must have set the option to replicate DNS records to all DNS servers instead of to all domain controllers in the domain, thereby overwriting (or duplicating) the existing zones!

This can be fixed by deleting the duplicate zone as per the instructions on technet above. It is however quite scary deleting things using Adsiedit as the potential for disaster is high if the wrong partition is deleted. Even though I was using Windows Server 2003 R2, Active Directory was using the Windows 2000 compatible partition scheme (replicate dns info to all domain controllers - Option 3).

Once I worked out the sequence of events I knew which partition to delete and restarted the dns service and ever since then event 4515 has disappeared!